Workshop Applying the Dutch way

 Saskia Stuve

Shereen Leissius is career coach and trainer. As an experienced HR Professional she teaches you how to find a job in The Netherlands and how to increase your chances in the Dutch labour market.

Saskia Stuve is recruitment consultant and gained expertise of the Dutch labour market going on for many years now. This experience makes her a valuable trainer for expats and spouses.

Workshop Applying the Dutch way

In an interactive way, together with people who face the same challenges as you, you learn how to best prepare yourself before entering the Dutch labor market and how to find a job in The Netherlands. An important part of the workshop is how to present yourself effectively both online on social media and offline during interviews and networking events. Apply what you have learned by practicing the preparation for an effective job interview.

The following questions also come to light during the workshop:

  • Does your resume have the most up-to-date requirements on it?
  • Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where and how do you look for the job that suits you best?

The group consists of a minimum of six and a maximum of ten participants and is accompanied by a Projob consultant together with Shereen.

Date: by agreement
Time: from 9.30 - 16.00
Costs: €195,00 (VAT included)
Costs for businesses are to be agreed on.
Location: Projob