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Projob, Amsterdam's labour market specialist, launched a unique concept: Projob Company Onboarding (PCO) into the Dutch Employment & Labour Market. PCO is a Business-to-Business network and a special programme for international companies which consider to migrate or recently migrated to The Netherlands. This concept supports international companies seeking guidance to find its way through the complexity of the Dutch Employment and Labour market.

Being optimally informed about all the specific rules and regulations, the culture, where to find what information or service and advice on recruitment can help a foreign company starting up in the Netherlands to do so faster and more effectively.

Why this B2B platform?

Over the past two years, Projob has received many requests for recruitment or information about salaries, invoicing etc. from international companies wanting to base themselves in the Netherlands.
From the many questions we received, we realised that there is no comprehensive overview for incoming international companies covering Dutch culture, trends, laws and regulations, how the agencies work, the difference between reliable and unreliable agencies, average salaries, where to find the best talents, freelancers and which networks are interesting.

We developed an eBook and the programme: Onboarding into the Dutch Employment & Labour market. Of course, you can read the book without using our programme or just connect with parts of the programme. What suits you best.

The PCO programme offers:

  • An HR programme that facilitates the 3 phases of Onboarding with: information, recruitment, HR advice, professional teams to support the migrating employees, coaching and training
  • An eBook, a complete information and reference book on the Dutch Employment & Labour market
  • A Content platform, sharing knowledge and information with labour market specialists, Dutch and international companies, education and training institutes
  • A Community, networking online and offline with interesting and inspiring business partners 

As a welcome gift, you can download the free eBook from the PCO online content & community platform by subscribing as a free member, with valuable information about the Dutch Labour market. This eBook is a preview of the Comprehensive eBook Projob Company Onboarding, which you can buy through a paid membership.

Feel free to look around on our platform and read more about our PCO services & facilities:

  • Our unique PCO HR programme
  • Memberships for the PCO business community:
    Connect directly with other companies in the network and share ideas and information
  • The Comprehensive eBook:
    This unique publication in The Netherlands tells you everything you need to know about the complex Dutch Employment & Labour market.

Projob believes in sharing, so let’s share information, knowledge and experiences on our platform. Join our network!

Click here to visit our platform and become a PCO member!