Culture Clash!

Linda HoltzGert Jan van Reenen

Linda Holtz is all about people- helping and solving multi-level personal and personnel matters. She holds a law degree and is a certified Coach and Consultant with more than 15 years HRM experience. A former expat, born and raised in New York, travelled and worked in all continents and speaks native tongue English and Dutch next to proficient German and French.

Gert Jan van Reenen is executive coach, management consultant and trainer, with a strong focus on culture related issues and organisation development. He has lived and worked in almost 40 different countries and international businesses and has extensive experience in helping people from different professional and cultural backgrounds to connect. Gert Jan holds a degree in social anthropology, is a certified Coach (SKM coaching-University of Nijmegen), and certified practitioner of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC).

Culture Clash!
It takes every kind of people to make the world go round (Robert Palmer)

Different cultures.... the variety of nationalities, customs, colours, rituals, foods that we encounter - maybe daily ... Intriguing and fascinating to say the least!

Can you recall a personal experience when it comes to cultural differences? Have you ever noticed, especially in communications, how we seem to shift our focus on to how these differences ‘stand in our way’. Shouldn’t the question be: how to make those differences work to our mutual advantage?!

Imagine a new environment where you work and live after moving abroad. There are many ways to communicate, depending on your culture of origin. This affects management, leadership, cooperation with colleagues, etc. Cultural differences often surface for example when it comes to: hierarchy, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, conducting meetings, etc.

Expat Dynamixz helps others to look at the world from a different angle – or as we call it: through different eyes. It is about perceiving another person’s reality. And subsequently finding a way to cope, and to achieve effective communications and cooperation. Making the connection in work and daily life.

Added values of our training:

  • Increase of productivity
  • Effective cooperation and teams
  • Increase of successful ROI on expatriation
  • prevention of expat failure and investment loss
  • Competence /talent development
  • Development of leadership qualities etc.

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Expat Dynamixz offers flexible training solutions (workshop, training, coaching) in a classroom, distance learning or in-company format to meet your budget and needs

Duration: minimum 1 day
Projob, in-company location or other
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