Projob's Spouse Care Program

Shereen Leissius Saskia Stuve

Shereen Leissius has a strong professional foundation in HR and from there she turned her career towards career coaching and training. She studied career coaching at the European Institute (de Baak) and earned a degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Career Counseling. Since 2010, she has been one of the permanent coaches and trainers of Projob with a focus on management guidance.

Saskia Stuve lived in the USA for more than ten years and experienced how it is to build up a life abroad, find work and adjust to a new culture. In combination with her expertise of the Dutch labour market this experience makes her a valuable trainer for expats and spouses.

Spouse Care Program

Over the last decade, Projob has acquired great knowledge of International companies and their way of working as well as maintaining close contact with the expat community. We have been in touch with (groups of) expats and deeply understand what they had to deal with while exploring and experiencing the Dutch way of life and work mentality. It’s because of this that we have been able to help them in finding work and build new social and professional networks.

But what about their spouses?

Accepting a job offer in the Netherlands and thus, starting a new life is exciting! The new arrival will face challenges, develop skills and talents, meet new people and ways of life, build a social network...But what about the partner?

For partners, moving to a new country is a life-changing experience too: the partner not only has to adapt to the new environment, take care of the home and possible children but also look for a new job and support their partner in their new job. This can be a difficult transition.

What can we do?

Projob is an established agency with plenty of experience in recruitment and career coaching. We have extensive knowledge of the labour market, e.g. how to start up a career, how to apply, how to network etc. and therefore can offer excellent support to expats and their partners.

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