Save time
You’ll save yourself time and expense whenever Projob takes the recruitment process off your hands. Once you have submitted your requirements, Projob can within a very short time let you know how many qualified candidates fit the profile.

Our team of experienced consultants starts each day with a meeting, during which your vacancy is also brought to everyone’s attention. In this way the team can quickly and competently connect and you can address your questions to any of our consultants.

We utilise several methods in the selection process, such as competence-targeted interviewing, taking up references and language fluency tests. In this way we can form a complete picture of the skills, motivation and the personal qualities of our candidates.

You can also approach Projob if you have vacancies for non-Dutch speaking personnel. We have a special department that has an extensive pool of native speakers from various countries.

Our method
What makes our approach so special? What makes it appealing for you to work with us?

Personable meeting
Projob uses a simple yet effective formula: filling vacancies is about people and sustainable connections. Therefore a personal meeting is our number one priority, with both the client and the candidates. From the client, we not only want the desired hard criteria but also the soft criteria in order to select the right candidate. Corporate culture, one of the biggest attractions for candidates, benefits and growth opportunities are all important pieces of information that we cannot afford to miss about your business. We always invite our candidates for a personal interview in which their skills and experience are tested and their qualities and motivations are discussed.

What someone has shown in the past is usually an indication of what they will show you in the future. Therefore Projob attaches great importance to conducting at least 1 reference check per candidate. This information not only provides insight into the quality and level of their work performance and their strengths and weaknesses but also says a lot about their work mentality and attitude towards colleagues.

Search and proposals
Projob invests in an optimal search capability by using a customized CRM system, external databases and social media. Our site is herein an important tool. But Projob has also formulated and implemented a Social Media business strategy successfully.
Of the candidates that are proposed to you over the telephone, you will receive, in addition to the CV, an introduction including their personal qualities and characteristics, potential room for improvement and motivation.

Projob works on a 'no cure, no pay' base and has a unique guarantee service.