If you have found a suitable candidate for a role within your organization but do not yet want to add them to your own payroll, we can offer you our payroll services.

Our method
Every candidate that is registered to receive their salary through us, falls under the Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers (CLA) of the Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU) from the moment their work starts.

The candidate is invited to the Projob office for a private meeting with a business support specialist where they will receive all of the necessary information regarding social legislation, payment of their salary and their temporary employment contract.

Our Business Support department is always available from Monday through Friday to answer any and all questions from both clients and candidates about the CLA, the Flexibility and Security Act and labor laws in general.

Due to their experience and the great care with which they perform their work, we can guarantee that they will deliver flawless payroll services and billing.

Details of the procedure in a nutshell:

  • Inform the candidate during a face-to-face meeting about how the entire administration procedure is done. If desired, this can also be completed in a written procedure.
  • Register the candidate in the personnel information system and in the payroll system.
  • Draw up a temporary employment contract.
  • Complete travel expenses compensation.
  • Check the invoices for inaccuracies.
  • Weekly salary payments transferred to the candidate no later than Wednesday.
  • Continued payment of 91% of the wages during illness in regulation with the CLA.
  • Create a pay-slip for each declaration.
  • Send a digital pay-slip to the candidate.
  • Create and submit the annual statement.
  • Inform the UWV (Institute for Employee Insurance) about any unemployment.
  • Weekly billing to the client.

Each member of the Business Support team has technical training as well as a long history and prosperous career in the staffing industry.
Various large and small companies have been long time, satisfied clients of Projob’s payroll services.