Interim Professionals

When do you need an Interim Professional?
Most organizations have to deal with annual projects, minimal staffing within strategic positions or simply the need for a fresh yet professional perspective on their business processes. These are typical assignments that can best be carried out by an Interim Professional, a so-called ZZP’er. Our Manager Interim Professionals walks you through the strategic planning of personnel, which candidate profile is most suitable for your specific assignment and provides advice on customary rates.

Who are the Interim Professionals?
Our Interim Professionals are carefully selected based on their professional knowledge and skills, personal competences and performance.

An Interim Professional does not only bring the required knowledge and skills to the table but often the person him or herself makes a valuable contribution to your organization. Therefore it is important for you to know as much as you can about the person behind the professional.
We at Projob, take the time to get to know the Interim Professionals we work with. Not only by conducting face-to-face interviews but also by joining them in networking at events that we organize monthly. Thanks to this, we are always prepared to answer any questions you might have or provide advice on hiring one of our Interim Professionals.

Quality and continuity
Working with Interim Professionals, chosen from the carefully selected network of Projob, gives you more flexibility without losing quality or continuity!