HR Test Instruments

In both outplacement and recruitment, our career coaches can make use of HR test instruments. These test instruments can also be used separately.

Projob makes use of the following HR Test Instruments

  • GIA / General Intelligence Assessment

    A GIA is a set of accurate, reliable and independently validated tests that create insight into how quickly someone absorbs new information, skills or procedures and how they apply and retain them.


  • PPA / Personal Profile Analysis

    The PPA is not a test but a carefully researched and validated psycho-technical tool that can be filled out online. The PPA provides quick and simple insight into one's work behavior, way of communication, motivation and strengths.


  • Role analysis

    Role analysis is designed to determine what behaviors are needed to carry out a particular role successfully, in a quick and effective way. The process is simple and the result is a clear job profile.


  • The Golden Personality Type Profiler

    The Golden is a personality questionnaire based on the well-known personality theories of Carl Jung's theory of 'psychological types', the fundamental principles of the Trait theorists and the ‘Big Five' personality model.


Career coach and trainer Shereen Leissius

Shereen has a strong professional foundation in HR and from there she turned her career towards career coaching and training. She studied career coaching at the European Institute (de Baak) and earned a degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Career Counseling. Since 2010, she has been one of the permanent coaches and trainers of Projob with a focus on management guidance.

Shereen is certified to administer HR test instruments including Thomas International and Pearson. She can also draw on a wide variety of expertise and knowledge from the courses she has completed such as: the various modules at De Galan school for training and Orticonsult: Key Qualities of Ofman, Situational Leadership, Learning styles of Kolb and the STAR method.

Furthermore, Shereen also has her own business in strengthening presentation in a business environment and beyond. As an image stylist she helps people enhance their image by providing color and style advice, which in turn gives them confidence.