If you’re looking for a permanent job, Projob can provide you with excellent service.

Personal contact
After an initial selection on the basis of your cv our consultants invite you to come for a personal face-to-face interview. In this meeting your cv and your personal qualities are discussed and you can tell us what your preferences are for your ideal job. On the basis of this exploratory interview and their knowledge of the labour market, you will be given a carefully considered recommendation regarding suitable possibilities.

Contact with our clients
Because our consultants have intensive contact with our clients they can provide you with detailed information about the company’s activities and culture, the conditions of employment and the opportunities for development.

Matching, introduction and guidance
If it becomes clear during the interview that you’re the right candidate for the job the consultant will introduce you to the client the same day. The consultant keeps you informed about the progress of your application and guides you through the rest of the procedure. Projob arranges the interview with a prospective employer, gives you advice on the right preparation and informs you of the outcome of the interview. In the event of a successful match we take care for completion of the process. Once you have started with your new employer, Projob will maintain contact both with you and the employer with regard to your working relationship.

Career counselling & Coaching
If it appears from the initial interview with the consultant that you’re not completely clear about which of your qualities can best be applied in which position, you can make an appointment for a orientation meeting, free of charge, with our career counsellor and coaching department.