Amsterdam ArenA

Training  "Giving and receiving feedback"  with Amsterdam ArenA

Amsterdam ArenA decided to offer additional support to their executives in providing trainings for them on how to better give constructive feedback to their employees during assessments. The Projob trainers offered their workshop on "Giving and receiving feedback" which resulted in a productive collaboration! After a half-day training on how executives can keep a finger on the pulse regarding appointments, how employees want to be recognized and appreciated and the art of giving / receiving feedback, participants were positive and completely satisfied with the results.

Gemeente Teylingen

Projob's career coaches train extraordinary marriage officials

Projob got the exciting opportunity to train six marriage officials of the Municipality Teylingen on their presentation skills. A personal speech is an integral part of a wedding ceremony and presentation determines a large part of the impact of the speech. In addition, each couple that marries is unique and every wedding ceremony must accommodate its unique couple. Which words really matter during a ceremony and how do you act in difficult or emotional situations? During the training there was more than enough room to exchange experiences and / or ideas with one other.

Successful collaboration with Mare Research

The back office team of 5 employees within Mare Research has dealt with many changes over the past. Changes not only in the office organization but also within the company structure and processes. This proved to be the right time to turn their attention to what this meant for the collaboration within the team. The Projob trainers worked with the team using core quadrants, how to share your professional successes, effective communication and finding solutions together through creative collaboration.

Nationale Nederlanden
Projob creates a customized training for Nationale Nederlanden

The team of specialists from the T&I security department of Nationale Nederlanden, makes an essential contribution to the security of client files for all of the business and private clients of Nationale Nederlanden. As a supportive employer, Nationale Nederlanden wanted to assist its employees by making it easier to switch in between the internal and external clients.
The purpose of Projob’s customized training was to help raise awareness and encourage the personal responsibility towards the customer focus of the technical staff.

A day of focusing on sharing issues, for the (sometimes) difficult positions in which they find themselves in, active exercises, interspersed with theoretical support for even more customer focus.