Information for employees

Changes in your personal information

Whenever there are any changes in your personal information, for example your address or bank account number, please pass these on to us. We will arrange for the changes to be processed into our records straight away.

Collective Labour Agreement [CAO]

Your specified rights as a temporary employee can be found in the Dutch CAO, or Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Employees from the Employers Organization, ABU. Below you will find the most recent version of the CAO in a PDF file.

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Ending your work

If you want to stop working for a client, then we would ask you to discuss this with both the client and Projob. It is desirable from the perspective of the client’s continuity of business for you to give at least a few days’ notice.


In the event of ill health or if you have an accident, you should notify Projob and the client about this by telephone before 09.00 hours. When you recover, you should inform Projob of this before going back to work. It would be kind if you could let Projob and the client know how you’re getting on fairly regularly.

Click the link below for Projob's Sickness Absence Rules.

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Income tax statement

When you want to change your 'Income tax statement' (Loonbelastingverklaring) please download and fill out the form below and send it to us via mail or email.

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Insurance duty

Everyone residing in the Netherlands is obliged to take out insurance for the costs of healthcare. The same applies to anyone working in the Netherlands and in relation to whom income-tax is deducted. You are personally responsible for taking out healthcare insurance. Anyone can take out a health insurance contract, since healthcare insurers are obliged to accept proposals for basic healthcare insurance. If you’re not insured, you run the risk of having to pay a penalty to the Healthcare Insurance Commission [College van Zorgverzekeringen]. You’ll also have to pay the costs yourself if you need medical care.

For healthcare insurance, you pay a nominal premium and your employer pays an income-related contribution. The nominal premium is a fixed amount you pay, yourself, each month (or other period) for your healthcare insurance. This fixed nominal premium does not, for example, depend on your age or health status.
The income-related contribution is a percentage of your wage, established by law. This contribution is paid entirely by Projob.


Overtime work is only permitted following consultation with the client.

According to the hired employees’ rates [inlenersbeloning], the overtime scheme applicable to permanent employees at the company where you are working will apply. This may mean that you are not paid any surcharge.

You are responsible yourself for allocating the hours you work on your timesheet and for correctly completing the surcharge rate. On the paper timesheet you can complete the overtime hours in the second column, with the appropriate rate added in before the % sign at the top. In the digital timesheet you can, if a surcharge rate is applicable, choose the appropriate rate under Hour type. 

Pay-slip and annual income statement

You’ll receive a detailed pay-slip for each of your timesheets. These are sent out by e-mail every week.

Annual income statement
In January, Projob will email you the annual income statement showing income details for the previous year. If you did not work for the entire year you may be eligible for a rebate of the income-tax that has been deducted. You can obtain a rebate application form from the Tax & Customs Administration [Belastingdienst].

Pension Plan

For temporary workers who work for a lengthier period of time there is a pension plan managed by STIPP [Corporate Pension Plan Foundation for Long-term Temporary Workers]). Virtually all employment agencies are affiliated to this. PVF Pensioenen runs the plan for STIPP.

The plan comes into effect after you have completed 26 working weeks in Phase A, provided that your are above the age of 21. This is referred to as the Basic Pension. After you have worked in 78 weeks the Plus Pension applies to you.

The pension plan also applies if you can provide evidence that you for at least 52 weeks were a member of this pension plan via another agency affiliated to STIPLU without an interruption of 52 weeks or more.

The premium for the Basic Pension will be fully paid by Projob. For the Plus Pension other rules apply, about which we will inform you as soon as you enter this.

Each year, you’ll be informed of the balance in your account – your pension capital – which forms the basis for your pension benefits.

For further information on the pension plan, you can:

  • visit the STIPP website at
  • or call the STIPP helpdesk at 088-0084060
  • contact Projob Support at 020-5738333

Permanent Employment

Many of our placements result in a fixed-term or permanent contract from the client. If there is any suggestion of entering into a direct employment relationship with the client, we would ask you to let us know about it immediately.

Phase system

The Flexibility and Security Act [Wet Flexibiliteit en Zekerheid] provides that you build up greater security the longer you are employed as a temporary employee. You pass through a phase system consisting of phases A, B and C.

In your first working week, you start off in Phase A, based on a secondment agreement. Phase A ends as soon as you have worked at least one day a week for 78 weeks. After 26 weeks of work in phase A, you become entitled to start accruing pension rights (see pension plan).

Phase B lasts a maximum of 4 years. During this phase, Projob may offer you a fixed-term contract up to a maximum of 6 times. After this, Projob may offer you a Phase C permanent contract.

Reserve Balance

In line with the Collective Labour Act provisions, about 19% of your hourly salary is reserved by Projob for holidays and holiday allowance. The percentage is calculated on your gross hourly wage. No reserve balance is reserved from surcharge hours arising from overtime work.

The total accrued reserve balance is shown on your pay-slip. For a detailed explanation of how the reserve balance is made up, we would refer you to the Collective Labour Act for Agency Employees.

Reserve Balance payments

Reserve balance payments
You can indicate in your timesheet if you want to be paid your reserve balance or part of it.

Holiday allowance
Projob will automatically pay you the balance of holiday allowance in the week including 1 June.
In addition, you can ask for a payment of holiday allowance on your paper timesheet up to 4 times each year by placing a cross against ‘yes’ in the 4th check box of the column headed ‘always to be filled out’. In the digital timesheet this is the 3rd box. Holiday allowance is always taxed according to the special remuneration table.

Holiday days
If you take one or two days off and want to have these paid for from your holiday allowance reserves, you can indicate this in the column under ‘holiday hours’.

We would advise you not to claim for more than 40 hours per week in total (hours worked + holiday hours) since otherwise you’ll have to pay extra tax.

We would recommend that, as far as possible, you should take your days off during the time you’re still working via Projob. If you arrange to be paid out at the end of your employment with Projob, you’ll end up paying more tax in most cases.

Generally there is no work done on generally recognized public holidays, so that you cannot claim for hours then. Based on your work pattern Projob decides whether you are entitled to payment of this public holiday, and if so, for how many hours.

Balance of reserves
If you are no longer available for work via Projob, we will pay you the balance of reserves along with your final timesheet. You can also indicate this yourself by marking a cross against ‘yes’ in the 3rd check box of the column headed ‘always to be filled out’. In the digital timesheet this is the 5th box.


The level of your hourly rate depends on your wishes, combined with your education, experience and age, and also the type of work you’ll be doing. Your salary is fixed according to the hired employees’ rates. This involves that your salary is being adjusted to coincide with the salary levels of permanent employees at the client for whom you’ll be working.

Salary Payment

Your salary is transferred each week into your bank account. You will receive your salary not later than Wednesday.

It is essential for you to fully complete the timesheet and to get this approved by the client. In order to pay you on time, we should have the timesheet by Monday morning at the latest. You can fax your paper timesheet to us on 020-5738393 or email it to This number and email address also appears on the timesheet.

Sickness Benefits Act

You are not paid for the first day you are off work sick. After the first day Projob arranges a supplement to this payment of 91% of your daily wage.
It is important for you to keep submitting your timesheet each week, as otherwise the payment you receive may be too low.

Taking days off

If you want to take a day off, you need to discuss this with the client. If you want to take more than a week off, then we appreciate it if you let us know as well. In these cases we'll contact the client to find out whether a temporary replacement might be needed. See also reserve balance payments.

Timesheet - Download

Follow the link below to download a timesheet.

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