Projob and We 4 Expats

Projob takes pride in its sustainable relationships with international companies that care for the well-being of their expats and spouses. You probably know us for recruitment, payrolling, freelancers or career coaching and training. But do you also know ‘We 4 Expats’? And what has Projob to do with it?

Projob has decided to work with We 4 Expats so that together we are able to offer a total relocation package for the expats and families of our international clients.

We 4 Expats 

The person behind We 4 Expats is Liga Jaunupe. Born in Letland and once an expat herself who came to the Netherlands.


Liga had to find her own way in the Netherlands and she still remembers very well how difficult it was to fit in a new culture with strange habits, new people, to find a home and work in a crowded city like Amsterdam. So, being an expert in this field, she decided to start up her own company: We 4 Expats, to support newcomers in the Netherlands with their relocation. She built up a strong network in real-estate, schools, recruitment agencies and coaches. She offers the total package of relocation services, with expertise and working from the heart. 

Projob cocreates with We 4 Expats by taking part in the relocation program when it comes to recruitment, coaching and training. And by offering the relocation services to our clients and expats. 

HR professionals benefit! How?

If relocation of expats is your concern, you have to select and build up a network of contacts for different services. We 4 Expats has that network and you only have to step in and deal with one contactperson, administration and invoicing to one address! That saves a lot of work, time and costs!

The relocation package consists of:

  • Housing
  • Schools / daycare
  • Advise on healthcare etc.
  • Financial advise, Dutch rules and regulations
  • Finding your way in the city
  • Spouse care program: Applying the Dutch way & Cultural awareness
  • Workshops/training
  • Coaching
  • Language courses

Tailor-made services are possible because relocation is all about people.

Language courses:

We highlight the language courses. Why? Because it’s very important for expats to first improve their English to a higher level, for work and living.

We believe that learning goes best by enjoying it! We offer a language course in which they will find pleasure, with other expats working on their language skills by practising about topics that will help them instantly to feel more at home or comfortable in their work.

After that expats can work with us on their Dutch language skills, in the same enjoyable way.

Please contact us for more information or an appointment for a personal meeting.