Breakfast @Projob


As an Interim Professional, it is your priority to make your network as large as possible. In it, there must be clients of small/ middle size and larger, national and international and profit and non-profit. Projob has built a great network of clients of this caliber and can place you as a freelancer within these companies for interim assignments while you keep your independence as an entrepreneur. Our focus is on the administrative sector, which includes Finance, HR, Marketing, Logistics, Project Management and Management Assistant positions.

We invite you to join Projob's vast network!

We offer you the opportunity to get to know other freelancers offline and exchange both knowledge and experiences during our monthly networking meetings. The first meeting took place in September 2011 during the breakfast hour. Hence the name: Breakfast @ Projob.

Since then, we've changed the form a bit and offer network drinks every other month instead of breakfast. Whether we're enjoying an early morning breakfast or after work drinks and snacks, the opportunity for meaningful discussions on trending topics are always there. Tips are exchanged and sometimes ideas arise all on their own.

On our online community, Breakfast @Projob, we offer you and your colleagues an information and communication platform, 24/7.