Training in Co-creation

Projob offers a varied program of training courses and workshops at our special training room or at your office. For these trainings, we collaborate with trainers whom are connected to Projob.

Some of our trainers offer training courses that are particularly suitable for companies such as courses in practical skills and / or personal development and team building. Below is an overview of these specific courses. You can also click on the right button 'Training through Open Registration', if you individually want to take part in another training.

For more information please refer to our contact form, we will ensure that the trainer who's course you are interested in, will contact you personally.

Training in Co-creation

  • Networking? How does it work?

    The training Networking? How does it work? is an interactive training with stories, universal, and our own. Networking always has a purpose. You build contacts that can help you further in your work or in your private life and vice versa; that you can help others. It means that you are connected to others and therefore able to use the principle of supply and demand (giving and receiving) faster, more innovative and with more results, because you are doing it together.

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  • Projob's Spouse Care Program

    Accepting a job offer in the Netherlands and thus, starting a new life is exciting! The new arrival will face challenges, develop skills and talents, meet new people and ways of life, build a social network...But what about the partner?

    For partners, moving to a new country is a life-changing experience too: the partner not only has to adapt to the new environment, take care of the home and possible children but also look for a new job and support their partner in their new job. This can be a difficult transition.

  • Culture Clash!

    Different cultures.... the variety of nationalities, customs, colours, rituals, foods that we encounter - maybe daily ... Intriguing and fascinating to say the least!

    Can you recall a personal experience when it comes to cultural differences? Have you ever noticed, especially in communications, how we seem to shift our focus on to how these differences ‘stand in our way’. Shouldn’t the question be: how to make those differences work to our mutual advantage?!