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In-house training by Projob - how does it work?

In-house training refers to courses which are precisely customised to the requirements of your company, the subject matter, your budget and the desired training duration. In most cases, in-house training is carried out on premises provided by your company. The Projob House of Learning & Development can also provide training rooms with an interactive screen, catering options and a good working atmosphere. 

Why training for employees/teams and management is gaining in importance

Development and training is rated highly by employees, team members and managers and will increase in importance in the future. Our training portfolio is widely varied to cater to as many people as possible. Every two months we update our training courses and send an overview to our clients. If you have not received this overview and would like to, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page

Would you like to know more about our customised trainings?

Projob trainers are affiliated to Projob in different ways. Some are permanent employees 
and others work as independent trainers in co-creation with Projob. 

Below you will find an overview of our training courses divided into categories.
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