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Recruitment - permanent personnel

It is the staff that carry companies and help them grow. Projob’s strength lies in finding the right candidate whose personality fits your company culture. That candidate who has the right knowledge and skills and who wants to commit to you, and not only complements, but also enriches your team. 

Our experience, knowledge and network are wide-ranging. Our CRM system is fully customised and our sourcing and social media networks are always up-to-date. This enables us to offer you a selection of screened candidates at short notice. All Projob’s candidates have been interviewed personally.

We offer recruitment & selection for administrative (including secretarial, reception staff, legal, financial, HR, marketing, communication, customer service, facilities roles, logistics and sales) or technical staff, ranging from professionally skilled to master level, from all sectors to medium and large companies and multinationals. We do this on the basis of a professional selection process and also act as HR sparring and business partners. 

Projob - so much more than just a supplier.

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INFORMATion on other services

If you are unsure as to your candidate profile, a temporary employee can be a good interim solution. Check out our temporary options. 

Are you looking for an interim professional or freelancer? We would love to hear from you!

If you need temporary staff on a regular basis, look no further. Projob can set up a flex pool for you.

Have you found a suitable candidate yourself? Projob is glad to take over the role of employer.