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Hiring temporary staff

If you are understaffed, need to replace sick employees or have project-based work, hiring temporary staff is the solution for you. If you need temporary staff on a regular basis we can set up a flex pool for you. 

Why outsource the hiring of temporary staff to Projob

We are: fast, professional and experienced. Our invoicing is error-free and we and remain upbeat when we take over the employer's risk in the event of staff illness or vacancy.

If you would like more details on the process of hiring temporary staff see our simple step by step guide to temporary hiring.

Step by step guide to temporary hiring

Demand for temporary staff can arise unexpectedly, for example due to the illness of a staff member. This requires quick action. Our procedure for hiring temporary staff is therefore designed to be lean.
Our temporary employees often work in the administrative area or sometimes hands-on as warehouse employees, loaders etc.

Step by step guide


You call us or send an email with your enquiry.


We reply immediately with any potential questions and agree a rate with you.


Within an hour you will be notified as to whether, and how fast we can send a suitable candidate to your premises.


We will send you one or more CVs (maximal 3) and will explain in detail why we think this is / these are the right candidate(s) for you.


When you have selected one or two candidates from the CVs we will arrange and plan in interviews asap.


If the matter is urgent and the candidate is required to start quickly we will ensure that administrative tasks such as the temporary employment contract, document check etc. do not results in any delays for you.


We will manage the online registration of hours worked via our digi-hour system and will only remunerate the hours you confirm.


We take the liberty of pronouncing our invoicing 100% error free!

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Have you found a suitable candidate yourself? Projob is glad to take over the role of employer. 


The recruitment and selection of permanent employees by Projob means time and cost savings for you.


Are you looking for an interim professional? We would love to hear from you!