When is coaching useful?

Staff development and growth, control over your own work organisation, motivation and using your talents is what every company is concerned with now and for the future. Maximising potential in each of these areas results in a more autonomous employee working strategy, a reduction in management workload and an increase in staff involvement and participation. Coaching can play a major role here and will contribute to optimising the performance of the whole company.  

Situations in which coaching can help:

Change processes within the company

Reviewing functions/tasks within the team and working with new processes can cause disquiet and resistance.


Recognising talents, developing them and implementing them in the work arena.

    Conflict situations

    Conflicts between employees and/or management can lead to lack of productivity or even failure. Reflecting on your own behaviour and communication is difficult if you are personally involved in the conflict. An external coach will provide insight into the situation and help you work towards a solution.

    Preventing burnout

    Preventing burnout in a stressful working environment.

    A burnout situation can be prevented in time by learning to manage stress, work pressure and uncertainty. To achieve this, you must initially gain insight into your own situation and increase your awareness of your situation.

    A coach specialised in this subject can help and ultimately support you in avoiding problems.  

Who are our coaches and what is their vision for development?

Below you can click through to the profiles of our coaches.  

Jeanine Streng

Alexandra van Maasdijk


Projob also works in cocreation with a variety of independent coaches, each with their own specialisation. 

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