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Jeanine Streng

Eager to learn, Curious, Open, Enthusiastic, Passionate
T: +31205738363 | E: coaching@projob.nl |

Senior Coach & Trainer

Jeanine Streng is a Career Coach, Biographical Coach - also called Life Coach - and Trainer. She works closely with her colleagues in coaching programs on resilience and vitality and in training on empowerment and vital working in menopause. Before she came to fully focus on coaching and training, Jeanine worked in employment mediation for almost thirty years – as a Recruitment Consultant as well as a Project Employee, Product Manager and Coach. Jeanine also has a black belt in the martial art Poekoelan Kung Fu. This has brought her a lot in terms of resilience and setting boundaries.

Jeanine is fascinated by the course of human life and what drives a person. Meaning is an important theme. Partly for this reason, she followed the four-year training course to become a Biographical Coach. She also regularly asks herself the questions: 'What do I want now, how do I want to move forward and who am I?' By getting to know your own life better together with Jeanine, you have the opportunity to make new discoveries about yourself and your environment. And from her own experience she can say: 'Your own life is worth getting to know better!'

Together with you, Jeanine looks at the course of your life. “We look for events that may be related. By asking questions about the past, life themes and common threads in your life course come to light. We don't just look at your career or one part of your life. Everything counts, because work is connected to your private situation, your health and your vitality. Everything is connected to everything. You then start working on your dreams and wishes for the future. With the help of a lifeline, but also by writing and telling stories, you can look back and make meaningful connections. You consciously reflect on your life. You can see it as a resting point on your life's path, so that you can continue with renewed vitality.”