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Do you remember the A-team? The A-team reminds us of times gone by and gives us the feeling ‘we’ve got this!’ This is why we have chosen to work with A-teams. Our A-teams consist of carefully selected specialists who can be deployed at your company as a team. Our A-team concept is sustainable because that same team can be deployed to you but on a flexible basis.

How do our A-teams work?

Projob plays the role of director and will first discuss your requirements with you. Based on this we will assemble professional A-teams who will be well-equipped to tackle your company’s problems as a group. Changes or innovations are best handled when their implementers can work and communicate well together, as well as inspire each other. Such a project or implementation can sometimes turn out to be less successful if the parties do not know each other and/or do not appear to have a connection to each other. This makes our A-team concept unique. We select the team based on factors such as: Do they complement and reinforce each other? We introduce them before the project begins so that the team spirit is there from the first meeting. During a project or implementation the team members regularly evaluate the progress and levels of quality with each other. Projob is responsible for quality, communication, planning, continuity and invoicing. 

Examples of a Projob A-team constellation: 

An A-team of coaches and trainers can jointly supervise and maintain a change process or a project for sustainable employability within a company. Such a team can be comprised of:

  • Organisational experts
  • Career coaches
  • Trainers
  • Performance coaches
  • Budget coaches
  • Lawyers/tax advisors

Cocreation Projects

Collaboration is one of Projob’s core qualities and we try to express this by working with independent professionals. Several independent trainers work alongside us in Projob’s House of Learning and Development but we also work with interim coaches who collaborate with our regular coaches on transition or outplacement projects.

Cocreation at Projob, has a proven track record!

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