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interim professionals

Interim Professionals and Freelancers

An Interim Professional or freelancer has both the knowledge and skills you need and can sometimes be that person who will make a valuable and influential contribution to your company. It stands to reason that you will want to know more about the person behind the professional. 

Projob will always know the interim professionals selected for you well, not only because of the initial interview but also because we organise network meetings and maintain ongoing online contact to these interim professionals in the community we have set up for freelancers.   

Our interim professionals work, among other areas in: HR, finance, marketing, management support, legal, organizational roles, consultancy and project management, from support level up to board level.

Agreements, risks and invoicing. Projob will take care of it!


Model contracts

Following the introduction of the DBA Act (Deregulation Assessment of Employment Relations) Projob has opted to work with the so-called Intermediary Model Agreement, according to the guidelines of the tax authorities. We will enter into an agreement with you with Projob assuming the role of employer with the interim professional as the supplier. In this way we eliminate the risk of retroactive tax inspections on your side.

Found a freelancer yourself?

Projob will always consider your case carefully and will advise you on your recruitment choices, however if you already have a suitable interim professional and would rather have an external party draw up the agreements and manage the invoicing then look no further! We will apply the Intermediary Model Agreement, thus eliminating the risk for you in this case too!

How are our contracts drawn up for you and for interim professionals?

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