If you have found a suitable candidate to hire but do not wish to employ them yourself Projob’s payrolling service will gladly take on the role of the employer for you. This reduces risks such as continued payment in the event of long-term illness, plus you are more flexible when it comes to the duration of the working contract.

How payrolling works:
Every employee you register with us for payrolling is personally invited to our office. All work carried out is covered by the ABU Collective Labour Agreement for temporary agency workers. Projob will create a temporary employment contract, handle social legislation and will pay the salary. 

Our Business Support department is available from Monday to Friday to answer all questions from clients and candidates concerning pay slips or invoices, the Collective Labour Agreement for temporary agency workers, the flex act and working law in general. 

Because of our experience in this field and the level of detail with which our payrolling staff carry out their work, we guarantee error-free payroll administration and invoicing. 

The tasks that we can take off your hands one by one :

  • Explaining the entire administrational process to the candidate in an interview. On request this can also be carried out in written form.
  • Inputting the candidate's data into the personnel information system and taking care of the salary administration.
  • Drafting a temporary employment contract.
  • Administering travel expense allowances.
  • Verifying declarations for their accuracy. 
  • Weekly salary remuneration no later than Wednesday of every week to the payroll worker's account.
  • Payment of 91% of the salary in the case of illness in accordance with the ABU Collective Labour Agreement.
  • Creation of a payslip for each payment submission.
  • Issuing a digital payslip to the candidate.
  • Preparation and submission of the candidate's annual statement.
  • Informing the social benefits office in the case of unemployment.
  • Weekly invoicing to the client.

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Do you want to register a payroll candidate?
Large and small companies alike have been trusting Projob with their payroll administration for many years now. 
The result – satisfaction all round.