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Alexandra van Maasdijk

Connector, Open-minded, Warm-hearted, Creative, Curious
T: +31205738300 | E: welkom@projob.nl |

Hormone & Health Coach

Alexandra van Maasdijk is a Hormone & Health Coach. She guides people one-on-one and provides insight into dietary patterns, exercise habits and stress management. The action plan that she tailors to you ensures that you gain insight, take control and improve your vitality. Alexandra also gives English-language presentations about menopause and lifestyle. She is also responsible for coordinating the processes within Pro-Homeostasis, our expertise center for working women in menopause.

Alexandra has a background in international recruitment. As a South African who has lived in the Netherlands for years, she speaks both Dutch and English fluently. She combines her expertise in nutrition and lifestyle with her knowledge of the labor market. Based on her own experience as an expat, she can support international clients with a lot of personal recognition in the fields of vitality and sustainable employability.

"I understand what it's like to build a new life without your trusted network of family and friends. For that reason, coaching questions usually go beyond just work or vitality; they often have a broader context. The dynamics of working in another country and a language other than your mother tongue can be complex." Anyone who has questions about nutrition, vitality, lifestyle and work-life balance is very welcome to contact Alexandra.