Our selection process

Projob's selection process

It is often the case in companies that the CV determines the selection. What someone did 10 years ago is still more relevant than how they are living now and what talents they would like to develop in the future.  

It seems like now is the time for those recruiters who are progressive enough to put people first and those who listen to what people are really saying in interviews. Those recruiters who are not afraid to reflect on recruitment policies in companies and who join forces with them to find more successful matches are the flavour of the hour. 


This is what Projob’s recruiters do: 
driven professionals who pave the way for happy employees and healthy organisations.

Our selection process: the stages 


We get to know you and your company, preferably through a personal visit. We will go over your request with you, ask pertinant questions and will translate the result into an appealing vacancy.  

The recruitment process commences. Your request is forwarded directly to our recruitment team and a search is started in our database. The request is posted on our website, various job boards and on social media. 

A response to every reaction is guaranteed within 2 working days. We represent your company and are therefore responsible for your reputation at every stage.


 The decision making process is comprised of a competency based interview, tests (in consultation with you), assessing the motivations, aspirations and expectations of the candidate and obtaining references.  

We will present you with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 suitable candidates accompanied by our extensive professional assessment on each. We will schedule the introductory calls for you and will contact you afterwards for your feedback. We will provide feedback to the candidate and will plan the next stage or manage the rejection, as required.

Upon commencement of employment, we will arrange the contract discussions with the candidate if they are working through us. We will also manage remuneration and invoicing. If a candidate is to be contracted directly by you we will manage the invoicing of the one-off commission fee agreed and we will send you the required details. 



We like to stay up to date on relations between you and your new employee, even if that employee is contracted directly by you. 


And finally:
Projob works on a no cure no pay basis and, to top that, we have our own unique guarantee scheme. 

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HR test instruments

In both outplacement and recruitment, our career coaches can  make use of HR test instruments.

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