Marieke Verhagen

Open-minded, Empathy, Intuitive, Warm, Adept
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Senior Career Coach & Trainer

Marieke Verhagen is a Senior Career Coach and trainer at Projob. She describes her role as that of initiative-taker, and pioneer. Others say of her that she has a strong intuition and can pinpoint what is happening with others and sense what they need.

Marieke chose two inspiring areas of specialisation in her field: Constellation and Mediation in which she excels in building bridges between parties. The training to give constellation sessions taught her to see people and the issues they face from a totally different perspective. The inspiration to re-train to be a mediator came when she realised that people are quick to judge others and it is through this attitude that we often lose the sense for what it is all about really. 

Marieke can lose herself in her work when she is developing team guidance programmes or seminars and their accompanying materials (handouts and PowerPoint presentations). 

Marieke is also a sportswoman: “I have climbed Mount Ventoux 3 times. Although I didn’t win a prize for it, I learnt a valuable lesson along the D974 (the mountain route.) I often use the insights I gained during the climbs as metaphors for team coaching: You never have to walk alone. Trust yourself to let go and enjoy the present moment.

Marieke often loses herself in music for hours and loves to listen to Spotify where she has several playlists.