General intelligence assessment (gia)

A GIA is a set of accurate, reliable and independently validated tests that create insight into how quickly someone absorbs new information, skills or procedures and how they apply and retain them. Level of education tends to play an important role but does not provide insight into developing potential or talents. A GIA gives accurate insight into potential rather than insight into intelligence.
A GIA can be taken online.

When is a GIA the right choice?
A GIA can aswer questions such as:

  • Can this person meet the job requirements?
  • Is this person able to solve problems?
  • What is his or her development potentional?
  • Can this person handle the mental challenges that the job offers?
  • To what extent is this person liable for training?

Understanding the skill level allows you to effectively link people to the job requirements. If you know at what level the strongest development potential is, then you can offer the challenge for further growth. Training herein can also be used more effectively.

Our method and rate

  • We send you an email with a link to the online assessment, consisting of 5 tests and explanations.
  • The test is taken online in a preferably controlled environment.
  • Duration of assessment: 45 minutes.
  • An hour and a half private session with a coach where the outcome of the assessment is explained.
  • Extensive written report and geographic scores.

The price of a GIA is € 350,- excluding VAT.

The Projob career coaches are certified by Thomas International for the administering and interpretation of the GIA.