The Golden personality Type profiler

The Golden is a personality questionnaire based on the well-known personality theories of Carl Jung's theory of 'psychological types', the fundamental principles of the Trait theorists and the ‘Big Five’ personality model. Contrary to the traditional four dimensions that Jung defines, the Golden contains a fifth main dimension known as Tense vs. Calm. The added value of this dimension is to examine what the effect of daily stressors on one's performance in the workplace may be.

When is the Golden the right choice?

The Golden can be used for development issues, coaching, interpersonal and people-skills training, conflict resolution, career and training advice, relationship counseling and teambuilding. The report is then used to create a discussion about qualities, growth opportunities and source of motivation. There are no good or bad types with the Golden; all types are developed by revealing strengths, growth opportunities, sources of motivation, demotivating factors and communication style.

Our method and rate

  • We send you an email with a link to the Golden online questionnaire. 
  • You take the test online in a preferably controlled environment. 
  • Duration of questionnaire: 25 minutes.
  • One hour private session with a coach where the outcome of the test is explained.
  • Extensive written report including scores in graphs and charts on all dimensions and subscales.

The price of a Golden is € 250,- excluding VAT. 

The Projob career coaches are certified by Pearson Assessment and Information B.V. for the administering and interpretation of the Golden Personality Type Profiler.