What is Mediation?

Mediation is a method whereby a neutral party – the mediator in this case – acts as a middleman between two or more parties at conflict. The parties in question attempt to seek the best solution to a problem with the guidance of the mediator. During the discussions, each party has the opportunity to tell their side of the story and to express their requirements and interests in order to work towards a potential solution. The mediator assists in identifying these potential solutions and sets out the necessary steps to achieve this. 

When can mediation offer solutions? When there are conflicts for example :

"When cooperation is stagnating and resolution is necessary.

In the event of disruptions to employer-employee relations which can result in long-term absenteeism due to illness or disagreements on working conditions.

In the case of re-integration (internal or external).

For contract terminations where a mutual beneficial agreement has to be reached to satisfy both parties 

It is sometimes necessary to confront the other party when a solution needs to be found or when conflict is being resisted. This confrontation can be difficult, but it also provides the opportunity to find a solution to a problem or to bring about a reconciliation. Sometimes a third independent party is needed to supervise this process and to bring about these new opportunities together.

Who is the mediator?

Paulien Defoer is a self-employed, registered mediator with the mediator federation of the Netherlands. She also works as policy coordinator for the Mediation Foundation for criminal cases and acts as voluntary mediator for neighbourhood conflicts for “Better neighbours Amsterdam.” She works in co-creation with Projob. 

As a mediator and co-mediator her focus is on labour and organisational matters, among other things. Paulien goes straight to the heart of the matter – the area where things have got stuck, thus creating the opportunity to do justice to emotions that have been suppressed, or to shed a different light on assumptions and beliefs. When this happens there is room for communication, solutions and recovery. 

Paulien works using a high level of involvement with people and companies. As a person, she is unbiased, honest, persistent and has the ability to enjoy the here and now very much. Her working method is characterised by listening, absorbing, analysing and managing her actions carefully. This combination of who she is and how she works comes into its own in the role of mediator.

‘Taking responsibility means having the ability to respond’

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