Personal profile analysis (PPA)

The PPA is not a test but a carefully researched and validated psycho-technical tool that can be filled out online. The PPA provides quick and simple insight into one's work behavior, way of communication, motivation and strengths. Based on this you can see what contribution this person can make to the organization.The observations gained from the PPA lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the differences in a person’s work style. The style of communication can then be effectively adapted.

When is a PPA the right choice?

PPA can be used to:

  • recruit and select new employees.
  • determine developent potential.
  • assemble teams.
  • assist underperforming employees.
  • provide insight into tense situations or ambiquities.
  • develop motivating incentive programs.

An organization is only as strong as the people who work there. Recruitment, development and retention of the right people, strengthens your organization.

Our method and rate

  • We send you an email with the link to the online questionnaire.
  • Duration of questionnaire: 7-8 minutes.
  • One hour private session with a coach in which the analysis of the personal profile is explained.
  • Extensive written report and graphic scores.

The price of a PPA is € 350,- excluding VAT.

The Projob career coaches are certified by Thomas International for the administering and interpretation of the PPA.