applying the dutch way

Spouse Care: Applying the Dutch way - How to apply for a job in the Netherlands

Information for employers who care about their expats and the spouses experiencing life in the Netherlands

Our workshop ‘Applying the Dutch way’ does not only give direction as to how to create a CV correctly but also offers knowledge of who you are, what you can offer (talent) and how to present yourself. It helps the spouses find their way in their new homeland. 

Finding something meaningful to do is vital for one’s own sense of fulfillment. Whether it is a paid job, voluntary work, a sport or other personal interests, whatever it is that makes somebody happy. To succeed you must have knowledge of who you are, what you want to do, are able to do and how to present yourself. Our workshop supports the spouses by giving them tools to integrate in the Labour Market in the Netherlands. 

An important part of the workshop are the basics of how to present yourself effectively both online on social media and offline during interviews and networking events. They will also learn how to prepare themselves for a job interview. 

We will help the partner to:

  • Gain confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Map out their strengths, their weaknesses, their challenges
  • Utilize tips and recommendations for creating a suitable resume
  • Network effectively
  • Find out who they are and what makes them, them
  • Gain insight into what they want and what they would like to do
  • Successfully look for a suitable position
  • Give a clear description of their specific characteristics, qualities and experiences
  • Understand how their knowledge can contribute to the work field
  • Get partner care tips! 

The following questions come to light during the workshop: 

  • Does your resume have the most up-to-date requirements on it?
  • Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where and how do you look for the job that suits you best? 

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Shereen Leissius

Shereen Leissius has a strong professional foundation in HR and from there she turned her career towards career coaching and training. She studied career coaching at the European Institute (de Baak) and earned a degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Career Counseling. Since 2010, she has been one of the permanent coaches and trainers of Projob with a focus on management guidance.

Saskia Stuve

Saskia Stuve lived in the USA for more than ten years and experienced how it is to build up a life abroad, find work and adjust to a new culture. In combination with her expertise of the Dutch labour market this experience makes her a valuable trainer for expats and spouses.