Networking, How does it work?

Networking, how does it work?
Do you know your goal? Do you know what or who is stopping you to achieve that? 

The training is interactive, based on the techniques of Storytelling. During the training we share meaningful stories that easily create insight in one’s behaviour, fears or how to be successful. Being able to tell your own story always works distinctive. 

Networking always has a purpose. You build contacts that can help you further in your work or in your private life and vice versa; that you can help others. It means that you are connected to others and therefore able to use the principle of supply and demand (giving and receiving) faster, more innovative and with more results, because you are doing it together. Yet, we are all very good at inventing objections to network. 

Do you recognize this for example?

  • I feel uncomfortable when I have to approach complete strangers
  • I have the feeling that I am imposing when I approach someone
  • I know exactly who I want to talk to but how do I find out who this person is and how do I initiate contact with them?
  • When people are standing around talking in groups I find it difficult to join in 

And those are just but a few examples.

Topics to be covered:

  • Stronger together by helping each other, what is a network?
  • Objections and negative associations
  • 4 types of networks
  • Your own story, what do you tell about yourself when it comes to networking?
  • Dealing with objections & tips
  • Pitching with a story


  • Insight in networks and the power of networking
  • Participants can stronger pitch themselves with a personal story                             

Els Brouwer

Els Brouwer is trainer, Chief Storytelling Officer and  labour market specialist at Projob. Els is a graduate of the Storytelling Academy and for her master proof final presentation she combined her 30 years of experience and expertise in the job market with creativity and storytelling.

Through her eBooks and trainings she wants to help people to connect their own story to that of their environment or company rather than merely helping people discover their ethos when it comes to the field of job market topics.

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