Toolbox for self-study: The 21st Century skills for the workplace

Toolbox: 21st Century skills voor de werkvloer

For this century, new skills have been named and defined. Skills that are becoming increasingly important for everyone, both in private and working life. Technological skills underlie almost all other skills; we can no longer do without them.

The labour market will change more drastically in this century than ever before. We are already seeing this happening. More and more people are working self-managed or self-organised and from home. 

Factual knowledge will no longer be part of a person's distinguishing feature. Soft skills, on the other hand, are increasing in value. Your personality, such as your basic attitude, your talents and the 21st century skills will become indispensable for people and organizations.

In this Toolbox you will find the following tools (that you can also download):

  • Micro learning 21st Century skills for the workplace
  • eBook The seven 21st Century skills
  • Tips to stimulate creative thinking
  • How to communicate in a narrative way, a Storytelling technique
  • Collaboration, what role do you play in a team?
  • Tips for critical thinking
  • Working document: where are you standing, your goals, your plan of action, prepared

Duration: pick your own tempo, the toolbox closes 4 weeks after beginning.
Price: €30,00 excl. VAT

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